September 14, 2011

New blog!

New blog! Check it out! Then check it again! Update your bookmarks but keep this site is your head to review yesteryears fun!



August 21, 2011

Bloggie construction

Faithful friends, loving Bloggie followers,

The time has come. Blogger has told me that I have met my end. Yes, there is a picture limit which I have struck. There is no more room for me here. So you are asking, 'Now what, Cody? Now what? Don't do this to me!' I am thinking the same thing, my dear friends. Now what? Don't worry. Bloggie Blog will continue. Wether here or there, life will go on. But this thing has history! It has heart! As you can tell, I'm upset about this situation. I will fix it someway, someday. As soon, as I have time to figure it out (one week or two?). It the mean time, my posts will build up on my computer. Don't lose hope. This is Bloggie Blog World saying good bye for now and wait for me!

The warmest regards,


August 17, 2011

Accomplishing your goals

The little ones sure do count a whole lot.
Mobile realized.
Made with origami which I have received this year in Korea. It is a enchanting, floating dream land complete with stars, swans, a moon/ sun, a peaceful boat, and a magical rabbit. Horrary! I want to make another one soon (tonight?).

p.s. Pictures don't to it justice.

August 11, 2011

Tuesday Night Open Mic@ the Basement!

Dan usually runs the show around here. But with his absence, as well as many others due to summer vacation, things in the beloved PNU have been slacking as of late. With the help of Dave and a few lovely friends we pumped some life back into PNU.
We miss you, Dan!!

August 8, 2011

Beachie weekend

Friday I went to Songjeuong beach. Saturday Haeundae. Typhoon was rolling in. A grey day but beautiful. Loads of waves. Still umbrellas as far as the eyes can see. Two free Leinenkugel's. And a Saturday night subway stop in Haeundae. Woooowwiiiee!